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RepÍchage Four Layer Facial

What are the Benefits of the RepÍchage Four-Layer Facial? 

  • Younger-looking skin
  • Visibly renewed moisture and an afterglow that lasts


Service Description:


The RepÍchage Four-Layer Facial is designed to combat the effects of deep dehydration using the best ingredients from the earth and sea. This facial layers a thermal mineral mask over a seaweed mask to boost the penetration of nutrients and oxygenate deeper cells for improved cell rejuvenation.

The RepÍchage Four-Layer Facial is the premier anti-aging treatment. Experience layer upon layer of pure, fresh, European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone, and firm the skin dramatically.

 Layer 1: Seaweed filtrate is a concentrate of freshly harvested seaweed. It softens lines, adds moisture, rebuilds skin cells, and helps rebalance and tone skin tissues.

Layer 2: A three-movement facial massage is given with a creamy hydrating formula. Lasting benefits include improved circulation to blood vessels.

Layer 3:  The fresh seaweed mask is mixed before your very eyes. The mask feels cool as itís stroked onto face and throat, adding moisture, eliminating toxins and nourishing skin as it soothes.

Layer 4:  The mineral mask is the grand finale, improving skin tone and creating more even skin color. It creates its own gentle warmth to activate the properties of the seaweed mask beneath it.

The results are impressive: younger-looking skin with visibly renewed moisture and an afterglow that lasts. Just touch your skin, and feel the difference!